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Hello All, Here’s some big news from one of my favorite marketers! Over the past week I’ve been telling you a lot about Russell Brunson’s Micro-Continuity program. 3 months ago Russell released this training and sold it for $2,497. It sold out in just 1 minute and 47 seconds!! (Yes, it was THAT good!) Well, […]

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I think we’d all agree that our health is at the top of our priority list! In that case, I think you’ll enjoy the series of videos that David Wolfe has just released. Health and Wealth go hand in hand. What I learned today from David showed me that I can easily and effortlessly employ […]

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I recently attended Ryan Lee’s Continuty Summit Seminar in Connecticut and came home once again with my mind exploding from so much new knowledge and the wonderful experience of meeting such fantastic people! One person who impressed me by far was Russell Brunson. He gave a wonderful presentation filled with valuable content. He explained his […]

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If you’ve always wanted to develop your own product, but just didn’t know how to begin, then here’s the solution. It’s a report and video set called Low Ticket Profits, which explains all you need to know aabout selling low-ticket items to get customers into that all-important sales funnel. It covers information such as: * […]

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