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Hello All, This is something I just had to share since I’ve been a big believer in EFT (tapping) for years now. All of last week there were over 60,000 people attending a life changing online event that had one simple goal… to help people eliminate physical pain from their body and from their life […]

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Well, many of you have asked me how to get into offline marketing without investing a lot of money into the training. Well, I’ve been investigating many of the programs out there. Rachel Rofe has just put out a comprehensive program for $10. I bought it myself because I buy all of Rachel’s stuff, she’s […]

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Hello All, If you’d like to know why Google is giving away already indexed websites, then you really need to watch this video. If you’d like to make extra cash helping small businesses grab one of these sites, then this video is important. I’m sure you’ve been reading how local marketing is the latest way […]

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