Harvey Segal has done something quite clever…he’s created a viral ebook that’s free, and gives you excellent info on viral ebooks and how to make money from them. But he’s gone a step further.
The ebook not only describes how to make money with viral ebooks but the ebook itself is an example of that viral plan.

Okay, let me explain…

* The book is a great introduction to viral ebooks in general. You can read it, learn from it and go on to your next idea. BUT I WARN YOU…

*The plan he explains is so powerful, I was sending off my payment as I was finishing the ebook.

(What payment, you’re thinking, I thought this was free!) Yes, your copy is free, but if you’d like a branded copy and explicit instructions on how to use this branded copy to generate some cash, then there’s a price…a small pittance really…and well worth it.

So that’s it. DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE COPY OF ULTIMATE SUPERTIPS HERE, and get ready for a very pleasant surprise!

I’d love to hear your comments on what you think about this idea. Share your ideas on how to give away this viral ebook and make some extra cash. I’ll be sharing my results shortly!

Have a great day! Dorothea

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