Hello All,

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

My daughter and I just got back from Mike Filsaime’s Affiliate Appreciation Weekend in Vegas and I have to say it was great! (Mike Filsaime’s events are always great and filled with lots of content. I came home with a notebook full of new ideas!

Here’s a great traffic idea.

* Find a product to promote on Clickbank.

* Go to the affiliate section and get the banner ad (you will have to find a product where you are provided with affiliate tools.)

* Go to Google’s keyword tool and enter the URL of the product website

* take each keyword and do a search. Find a few websites where the competition bar is about halfway

* Go to www.quantcast.com and enter those URLs individually. You will see which ones accept ads.

*Visit the site to make sure it offers valuable content and isn’t just a bunch of ads.

* Take your banner ad and advertise!

Remember to start small and test, test, test. Rule of thumb here is 5 – 10% conversion. Remember, you are finding websites ALREADY getting traffic for your keywords!

Hope you found this helpful! Dorothea

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2 Responses to “A Cool Traffic Tip!”

  1. Judy Wright-EmpowermentWithJudy

    Hello from Montana,

    I always appreciate your tips and techniques. Thanks for sharing. The Internet can be overwhelming at times and these little lights at the end of the tunnel really help.

    With respect,

    Judy Helm Wright

  2. dorothea

    Thanks Judy! Always glad to pass on info!!

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