Here’s another great way to make money with Amazon and it has nothing to do with writing ebooks!

It’s called Fulfillment by Amazon. If you’re not familiar with how this works, here’s a quick summary:

FBA is a program that allows you to run a kitchen-table business from home. You can treasure hunt online and in any city you choose, send the treasure in to Amazon, and they’ll sell it for you….

They’ll pack the boxes, ship the products, handle the customer service, give refunds, and wire your money right into your bank account.

FBA Profit Equation, first, helps with the basics.

In this course you get answers to questions like these:

  • How does FBA work? How can you take advantage of it?
  • How do you list the items you want to sell?
  • Is it easy or difficult to set up?
  • Is it time-consuming?
  • How do I ship the products to Amazon?

Well, James Jones covers everything and more as usual. So take a look at his course right here.

But remember the special is over Sunday nite and the price goes to $27.

Have a great weekend!  Dorothea

On Special This Weekend for $7.00 only!

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