There are literally thousands of ways to make money online.
One of the most solid business models to ensure a continual
monthly income is a subscription based membership website.

Members pay a monthly fee for access to a private member's
area where they can access your information. You can provide
a variety of information in as many formats as you choose.
You can offer articles, reports, audios, videos,
teleseminars, downloads, software, almost anything you can

Even if you offer a low cost membership, it only takes a
few members to make a comfortable income. A membership
website that charges $9.97 a month, only needs 300 members
to generate $3,000 every month. 

And setting up a membership website has become remarkably
simple with advances in software that can be set up in a
couple hours, even by the average non-technical person. 

It's just that simple. In the beginning, it takes some time
and energy to put the whole project together, but then it's
simply a matter of updating, maintaining and marketing. So
let?s look at the steps to put together a successful
membership website.

Step 1
Choose a market. This is critical. You should look for a
market you?re going to enjoy working in as well as a market
people spend money in. People spend money where they are
passionate. Markets like sports, pets, business, and hobbies
all make hot markets to launch a membership website

Step 2
Test the market. Visit forums and chat rooms and ask people
if they know of any good websites that offer up-to-date

Step 3
Use your research from Step 2 to develop a rough outline of
what your website will offer your members

Step 4
Write a sales letter and have the graphics professionally
designed. If you can't do this yourself, hire a freelancer
from or

Step 5
Set up the membership software to run the site.

Step 6
Populate the site with your content

Step 7
Market your site and let the cash flow begin.

7 simple steps and you've got a membership website that
will generate a solid monthly cash flow for you. Each step
takes some effort and energy, but you can have your first
membership website completely set up and running in less
than a month. Then you can repeat the process as many times
as you like to increase your membership portfolio and your
monthly income.


For 7 days, you can bypass the whole membership website
creation process. Get your complete membership website,
ready to upload to your server today. You can have a fully
functional membership website ready to take orders in the
next 2 hours. It's only available for 7 days, so make sure
you visit today.

PS  I met Terry Telford at an Internet Marketing Seminar and he's someone who I really admire.
Not only does he know his stuff, but he sat with me for hours one night, giving me all sorts of tips and
insights.  I have the utmost respect for him. Don't pass up this great opportunity!

Newbie Alert!  Just so you'll  be do have to put this site up on the internet, which means 
that you have to know how to do that or hire someone to do it for you. Terry offers this as an
additional service, but there is an additional cost.
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