Making money through blogging is becoming easier and easier to do. And now with this “blog in a box,” it’s literally a cake-walk! But there’s a few things you have to do to run a successful money making blog and the most important thing is to find a niche that people are searching for. If it’s a niche that solves a pressing problem for folks, that’s even better!

And here’s one that is absolutely fantastic…

With times that are tough and everyone and people usiing credit just to survive, it’s important to have a good credit rating, and those who have bad credit have a BIG problem.

So some genius put together a ready made blog which is monetized and ready to earn money by helping people solve their problems…

It’s already set up with the best plugins so it’s Search Engine Optimized, has all of the best
features built in, and is easy to manage through your WordPress admin panel.

The hard part of this premium niche blog has been done for you – the custom designing, the graphic
work, finding affiliate programs, etc. You just market it and start earning! Take a look here.

The credit repair/debt relief website comes with:

– Premium custom theme with customized header and
– Top plugins installed
– Adsense integrated
– Clickbank products integrated
– Amazon aStore page ready to configure and
– Video page
– Privacy page
– Contact page
– PLR ebook with salespage, ready to sell for
100% profit!

It’s A Complete Money-Making Website In A Box!

Now there is SOME, not a lot, but SOME things you will have to do!

1. Purchase a domain name. You can buy one for $9 or so from

2. Have a hosting account to host your blog. If you don’t have one yet, go here. Remember, once you have a hosting account, you can set up other blogs, websites, etc.

3. Add articles, etc. to your blog to make it personalized and different than everyone else’s. This package comes with lots of articles that you can add.

4. Install the blog on your hosting account. This is not difficult to do, and instructions are included, but if you’re a total non techie, and want to do this even faster, then pay the $25 so they’ll install it for you.

I’ve found that if something is going to waste a lot of my time, I’d rather hire someone to do it. And they make it very easy to do this.

5. Add your affiiliate links to the products on the page. (This is simple)

So, take a look at this now. I am really impressed. It’s a very easy way to set up a separate income stream. Once you see how easy and lucrative it is, I’ll bet you set up a bunch more!!

Visit this link and sign up now!!

Have a great day!! Dorothea

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