Here’s an incredibly inspirational story I’d like to share with you. It’s from one of the members of my list who set up a profitable online business in no time at all…all because he had an accident and was unable to go back to work.  Most people, when faced with a disastrous, life changing event, tend to feel sorry for themselves and blame the world.  Richard picked himself up and turned his disaster into a money making opportunity. But I’ll let him tell the story.  PS..don’t forget to visit his website by clicking here!


Hi Dorothea and Happy New Year to you,

You’ve been a tremendous source of inspiration and support for me over the past two years so I thought you might enjoy an update about my progress since my bout with ill health.

It’s been a long four months with great expenses for medication and hospital time.

You’ve taught me to respect this time as an opportunity to rethink the future and take action in a new direction. Happily I listened to you,

I did take my strong work ethic in a new direction. You’ll be excited to learn I’ve overcome some fears I had about my ability to start a business online. Better still I moved from break-even yesterday into profit today. All that took was two weeks.

Now that’s terrific!  Breaking even is a milestone reached. Earning a profit this quickly is exciting and rewarding.

Others tell me this is quite an achievement and pretty darn hard to do. I’m successfully running my own affiliate campaigns with massive help from a miracle software application.  So you can imagine how proud I am. I wanted you to know all about what’s been going on for me while you’re building your own successful on-line business.

Because you’re on the ‘inside’ of this Internet Marketing thing we share, I have to admit to you this felt very complex to me. I found myself quite overwhelmed at times. The main thing that kept me searching is my stubborn persistence. I just don’t give up.
Plus your inspirational belief in what’s possible kept me moving forward.

My customers in my regular small business trust me to get things done, finished… on time and on budget. That’s why I have so much repeat business. I guess repeat business is what Internet Marketing can produce too, based on integrity like you’ve shown me.

So I believe in my heart there’s a way for honest folks to prosper if they can solve the details and keep things simple. That’s tough to do in the online world. It’s a world that’s constantly changing. There’s so much opportunity it’s tough to know where to make a stand. So let me fill you in about how I solved that problem.   All I’ve done is let this software find what’s working and then I repeat the process.

Remember, I might have built a great reputation in my business but I’m laid up with an injury. I’m self employed and with no income insurance.  I can’t carry forward even one nickel’s worth of past performance. Now I’ve got hospital and expensive medicine to pay for.

Dorothea, in the second week of August before my injury, I was booked solid ‘till next June. All that evaporated due to ill health. After all these years, I faced a frightening prospect. Somehow I needed to take action using the skills you’ve used to grow a successful on-line business and fast. You urged me to stick with it. Your great attitude supported me. But truthfully I needed more help. This was just to big a nut to crack.

So I visited with the only other ‘internet friend’ I trust and he turned me on to a software solution to my overwhelming problem. What is that problem?

How to get started online and produce a product of value, reduce the marketing costs to the minimum and return a fast profit at minimum risk. Pretty tall order! I’m here to tell you that I’ve moved from my break-even goal to profit over cost in just two weeks.

Now I’ve got to open up to you Dorothea. Thanks to your guidance I’ve been doing my homework. You’ve made me feel like I could do it. You’ve stuck by me, urging me on to succeed, pointing me in the right direction.

But truthfully I couldn’t take any concrete action because I was overwhelmed with the options. I’m just trying to explain to you the difficulty I had so you can see where I was stuck. I don’t have the skills yet to create my own product and get it marketed profitably online. At least without throwing money I don’t have trying to get an audience.

Affiliate marketing is the place to start. But there are millions of products to promote in a million ways. Google is happily gobbling up money from affiliate marketers stumbling around adwords. They’re paying way too much for pay per click advertising. If you’ve ever even tried to understand PPC you know what I’m talking about. I needed help. And the pressure of needing a replacement income was beginning to make me doubt even myself.

All of this is way over the head of a construction contractor. So I took a page from my own business. If I need an electrician to wire a house I bring in the best I know. If I need a plumber to install an upgrade, I find the best person for the task.

So if I need to find how and why to promote successful products online I’d better get the best tools for the job. I cannot take any credit for anything the software does. I explain it all here.

I can only take credit for quickly recognizing a total solution to a problem and putting it to use. This is a remarkable software solution to a huge challenge for online affiliate marketing. Let me restate, I’ve gone from break-even (tough enough) to profit so quickly I’m frankly stunned.

All I did was put it to work and concentrate my efforts on the insider information it pulled from Google, Yahoo and MSN to make a profit almost immediately.

I want to step back just a little and tell you how conservative I am and how I handled testing just to be sure it was doing the job right.

After moving through the tutorials and learning curve, setting up my keyword research tools and letting it go to work, I wondered what I’d do with the results the software would return to me. Truthfully Dorothea, I wanted to stay away from the Internet Marketing field.

This will give you a grin. Here I am an injured contractor, starting an internet business and still skeptical about what I can achieve.

I let this software I describe do its work.The software measures all adwords activity for the keywords I’ve easily selected. I decided to pick an area I know nothing about and give it a blind test. I picked gardening!

I selected a product on clickbank with an excellent commission. I didn’t have to struggle with that decision because the software pointed the way.  I decided to promote the product in the U.S., Canada, Great Britain and Australia. In TWO DAYS I went from break-even on all costs into profit. I could NEVER have achieved that return on my own in any time frame I can imagine. Two weeks to learn how step by step with the software. Then I set up the campaign and start watching the sales!

The software finds the markets, uncovers what’s working profitably in real time and measures and tracks all keyword activity. I know in advance where the money is being made before I risk any of my own. It’s that simple. It’s a great place to start making money online even if you have no product of your own. No need to reinvent the wheel.

So to repeat myself, I gave everything a total blind test. I decided to take the results and pick something I know nothing about. That way I thought I’d have a total clean test of the software, the included tutorials and my own skills applying what I’d been taught.

Well, what a pleasant surprise! Profit on day two!

And tomorrow all I might do is tweak the adwords copy to see if I can improve my profits. In fact, I want you to know Dorothea, I actually lowered my bids in Google to get better placement. I learned that in one of the step by step tutorials.

If I were to attempt this on my own, how easy would it be to pick a product or market nobody is interested in. The software solution solves that instantly. You can’t possibly know enough of  the details on your own. The global market is just too big. It’s too easy to pick a market where there are no buyers. Or have an unproven product that flops. Google charges you either way so why not be targeted where the buyers are?

The software eliminates all the guesswork. It uncovers and reports back on the reality of where you can make your money. Dorothea, now I want to move into areas of my own interest.

But can you imagine how it felt? I got home from visiting my boat to discover I’d was into break-even on day one. In a topic I know NOTHING about. Selling a book written by an expert tapping into a market brought to me just by putting the software to work. The opportunities are endless. The next morning I was in profit. I went to work on the boat again and returned to find more sales and I’d recovered my costs. I was profitable!

What really fires me up is this. All my life I’ve been a hands-on contractor. I’m VERY good at what I do and my clients respect and rely on me. But I needed to be on the site.

I probably sound like a simpleton but this just makes me feel like a big kid. Yesterday I worked for a few hours on my boat and earned online money at the same time. I’m probably earning money right now while I’m writing this email to you.

That money could be coming to me from Australia or England… I have no idea. I know you’ve had this experience as you’ve built your own online business. You’ve already experienced how good this feels.

I’ve raised two sons on my own to be responsible adults. I coached sports and contributed to my community all my life. A simple little accident forced me to lose my immediate income. With your help I’ve looked deeper into what you do online after you introduced me to Smart Money Websites.  I used their easy web site creation tools to explain so any of your readers or enthusiastic peers could learn.

Feel free to invite them to my site at I didn’t create some glossy flashed up web site, just a simple explanation for your friends about how this all works.

I was overwhelmed and afraid to risk any money.  I couldn’t see myself figuring out enough of the details to create a residual income for myself.  Your belief in me and my own action on what I learned make me feel free from the financial burdens this injury gave me. Free to have some fun. I have no problem giving you the credit for your supportive and helpful attitude. Thank you so much Dorothea.

Feel free to use this letter of thanks by sending it to your customers and prospects Dorothea. More people should know what an inspiration you are. Firstly you introduced me to Smart Money Websites,  which simplified the process of building a website even a computer clueless guy like me got it done. It’s a simple site I’ve built but I like that just fine. Then because you believed in my ability and wouldn’t let me quit, I’ve found profit with affiliate marketing. You’re the best!

Thanks so much


p.s. I decided to give away a report I’ve written on personal performance management to folks who visit my sites through you Dorothea. It’s very useful but also humorous.  There’ll be an uplifting gift for your friends and customers.

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