As far as I’m concerned, Mike Filsaime delivers the best content out there,
related to Internet Marketing.

He has now just released a video where he interviews
Newbie to the market Chris Farrell about how Chris was
able to make $50,000 per month and he has been doing it in…


Yes, $50K per month – and all in the last 18 months!

Sound hard to believe?

See the video and it will all make sense.

In this “controversial” video, Mike and Chris go on
to explain how Affiliate Marketing as we know it…

“…has died a slow controversial death.”

They plan to explain this in their upcoming videos
so you really need to see this one.

Here is why…

Mike Filsaime and Chris (The Newbie) Farrell go on
to explain THREE incredible strategies that any
affiliate MUST KNOW if they want to be wealthy
with Affiliate Marketing 2.0.

They explain… (with HIGH-END production video that makes
it easy to understand,)

– Side Door Selection

– Relationship ROI (R-ROI)

– Serial Cycle Income (SCI)

This video will not be up long at all. So make sure to check
it out ASAP (It is Free.)

I am very serious about this next part.

There is great content here so make sure to pay attention
and watch the whole thing and “take notes” because what
you will learn can be applied as soon as you get off.

This is one of the most informative free videos I
have sent you all year.

You will soon see why….


Dorothea Carney

PS – Mike and Chris Promise to show a campaign that
they made in 1 day that will make $5000 and
they will give you the EXACT CAMPAIGN to copy…

…as well as one that uses FREE TRAFFIC to get
500 optins in just 3 days.

They promise this right after you watch this video
so make sure to go there now.

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