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You know by now that Article Marketing is by far my favorite way to advertise. It’s free and it generates tons of traffic.

So I don’t mind paying a few bucks now and then to keep up with the latest news. Here’s a fantastic ebook I just bought and I give it my highest recommendation!
Jason Fladlien knows what he’s talking about when it comes to article marketing. He provides solid information, in a no fluff, easy to understand format.

His original version of 7 Minute Articles was an overwhelming success when he launched it, he’s improved it since, added videos, added bonuses, and all of that is available to you
today at a great price. Visit 7 Minute Articles and grab this ebook!

Up until now, article directories would NOT accept articles with affiliate links in them. Well, I found one that does. Wow, does this make article writing simple and fast. This directory sends your articles to blogs which will get you lots of backlinks. Yes, it costs a few bucks, but I’m paying for it and I’m finding it a very worthwhile investment. Take a look here and sign up. Watch how fast you get traffic! I was amazed!

The other great part is that it has an article spinner built in. So in a matter of minutes, you can have a brand new article written. They show you lines that can be changed, you change them and bingo…a new article is created! This is a brilliant invention!

Hope you have a wonderful day!

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