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When you think about it, everybody has been knocked down at different times in their lives. Whether it be a divorce, relationship breakup, illness, financial problems, depression, job loss, or family issues, we’ve all been there, done that. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just bounce back quickly and move forward with your life feeling empowered, happy, confident, free, at peace, grateful – and achieve success bigger and better than you ever imagined?

I want to share this incredible free inspirational teleseminar series like-no-other called BE UNSINKABLE Teleseminar Series that will teach you “How to bounce back quickly when life knocks you down.”

Take a sneak peak now at what the Be Unsinkable Teleseminar series will cover.

Bestselling author of The Law of Attraction Plain and Simple and president of Lead Out Loud, Sonia Ricotti, has summoned over 21 experts from around the globe to reveal their most powerful, most compelling, and most successful methods for turning adversity anywhere in your life (finances, divorce, health, depression, career change, etc.), into opportunity, greatness, and success.”

Sonia is no stranger to dealing with life obstacles. In fact, her personal difficult experiences (she lost it all!) along with all the incredible lessons she learned, is what prompted her to reach out and help others in similar circumstances and turn adversity into opportunity, greatness, and success!

“If you have the proper tools, strategies, and cultivate the ultimate state of mind, one can glide through anything and everything with ease and grace.” she says, “It doesn’t have to be so hard, really!”

So if you want to shift your life into a new direction, feel inspired, motivated, and achieve the life that you deserve, then register for this free teleminar series here.

The experts include some of the biggest names around the globe that we know and love! Each one was hand-picked because of their unique story and unique life-transforming strategies that they will share with you.

The series will run from September 14th until September 30th, 2010 and you’ll have the option to either dial-in with your phone or listen through your computer via webcast.

Can’t make a session? No worries, there will be a 48 hour replay available (for free) for each show.

Once you register, you will receive an email with all the details about the teleseminar, including the schedule, the call-in information, as well as the webcast link.

Also, you will receive an incredible free “BE UNSINKABLE GIFT-PACK” that will help you get started on your “Unsinkable” journey right now. Check out the great gifts you’ll get simply for registering for the event!


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