Rob Benwell has just written an updated version to his Blogging to the Bank ebooks. I must say, I just got it and it’s excellent.

What I like is that he focuses on the many ways to drive traffic to your blog…

Here’s just some of them:

* Writing an article or review and submitting it to and and and

* Using Web 2.0 sites like Squidoo, Digg and Myspace to spread the word

* Placing ads on Google using Google Adwords, or on Yahoo or other search engines

* Create a video review and submit it to

* Simply sending an email to your friends telling them about it

* Commenting on other people blogs

* Posting on forums that are related to your blog.

Rob Benwell goes into great detail in Blogging to the Bank 3.0 about how to promote your blog including the 6 sure-fire traffic strategies that produce over 250,000 visitors per month to his blogs.

Sometimes when we read an ebook like this one, packed with valuable tips, we start to think…
“How can I possibly do it all? squidoo lens, youtube video, articles…the list is endless.

Here’s a tip that I’ve found.
You can hire really cheap help right over at the warrior forum. Just visit and look for “warriors for hire.” It works for me!

Have a great day…and get Blogging to the Bank 3 right here!


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