Hello All!

Here’s some exciting news!  This is so new, most internet marketers have never heard of it.

When I saw it, I bought it immediately and installed it in a snap! (non-techie that I am!)

So what is it, you're wondering? Well, it's a new piece of software that 
helps you tap into a new Google button that can help you get more traffic 
in under 27 seconds.
Because Facebook has captured people's attention with their "like" button, 
Google has decided to follow suit. Their button is called the "plus one" button. 
It's a simple plug-in. 
You install it by following the very clear 4 minute or so video and voila!  
At the end of each blog post, you hit the plus one button and the button 
is added to your post. 

Now, if someone "likes" your post, they hit the plus one button. Google looooooves 
this! This button can make a page ranked 8th in google get more clicks than one ranked first!
Be the first one on your block to get this new button!

And while you're at it, would you mind clicking on my +1 button below!!

Have a great nite!!

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