If you’re trying to make money online and are up on the latest trends, you’re most likely asking yourself these questions. “What is CPA marketing?” “How do I find the best CPA program?” “How do I find a CPA that will accept me?”

Well, let’s start with the basics. I’m sure you’ve seen the myriad of ads offering free trials to everything from weight loss products, wrinkle creams, and miracle berries that work wonders for you. You simply sign up for a free trial, pay for shipping and handling and your free trial is on the way. This is CPA marketing, which is also called lead generation marketing.

The way that these companies make money is through the leads that affiliates generate for them. These leads are people who are a very
targeted audience, who want to know more about a certain product or service or who want a free trial. They are people who are ready to buy in the near future to get what the advertised product or service.

This is what CPA is all about. CPA or “cost per action” is just a
fancy term for lead generation. CPA is one of the oldest forms of advertising on the Internet. People are making lots of money through these CPA programs or lead generation companies.

Why are affiliates going in this direction? Simple. There’s lots of money to be made. As an affiliate, you don’t have to make a sale to get paid. You simply have to get the customer to fill out a form, ask for a free trial, or do whatever the lead generation company wants you to do. Companies pay a lot of money to the affiliate. I’ve seen offers from lead generation companies who pay onwards of $100 per lead. Not bad.

So what’s the downside? Is it difficult to find a CPA program to promote? No, actually, it’s rather simple. You just have to do a bit of lead generation research. One way is to go over to Commission Junction and type in “leads.” You’ll see lots of lead generation companies pop up with all kinds of CPA products and services that you can promote.

“So why isn’t everyone doing this?” you might ask. All you have to do is send a lead, have someone fill out a form, or ask for a free trial. Seems a lot easier than trying to sell a product as an affiliate.

One simple reason. Lead generation companies and CPA programs are very choosy about who they accept as an affiliate. In fact, over 90% of people who apply to any given CPA program are turned down. So you can go through all the trouble of doing your lead generation research to find the best CPA program, search through them all to find the lead generation companies who promote products you’re interested in, build a website to show them how you’ll promote the offer and still you have a good chance of being turned down. The experts are making a killing in this market. You can too if you do it right.

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