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Just wrote a review of Mike Filsaime’s Evergreen Business System which you can read right here.

In my article I explained the pros and cons of incorporating webinars into your business model. But the important question is this:

How do I choose the right automated or evergreen Webinar software?

You want to make sure that the webinar service you choose can provide you with the ability to do the following:

  • Show a question box that the viewers can see, so they can generate questions. You now have material to put together a FAQ brochure or follow-up email.
  • Determine who signed up for the webinar and showed up, who didn’t show up, who left early, who stayed until the end and didn’t buy (if you had something for sale) and who made a purchase. You then can send the proper type of follow up email so that you don’t lose those valuable leads.
  • Allow you to export and install the webinar on your own server if you choose, so you can customize as you go along.
  • Import your leads to your autoresponder
  • Analyze where your leads came from
  • Call and remind your customers that the webinar is going to start (people are busy and forget!)
  • A variety of templates so you can customize your registration page and split test to see which works best

Webinars are a wonderful way to build your business. A word to the wise. There are many choices out there with different features and different price points. So decide which features you need and be sure to choose wisely so you don’t lock yourself into a system that charges you a monthly fee and doesn’t meet your needs!

There is only one webinar software that can accomplish everything listed  above and that is Mike Filsaime’s cutting edge new webinar software which makes every other system pale in comparison. One flat rate, no monthly fees! He has made everything customizable and user friendly. Take a look now, you won’t be disappointed!

Have a great day!  Dorothea

Here’s the link again for  EVERGREEN BUSINESS SYSTEMS    [gplus count=”true” href=”http://evergreenbusinesssystems.info” size=”standard” ]

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