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Well I have to be honest here. I’ve never really been a big Facebook user. I actually set up a Facebook account just to keep up with what was going on with my family and friends. But something interesting happened the other day.

I was talking to a friend of mine who has a small business and he told me that he wanted to start a Facebook Fan page. He admitted that he was a total non techie and didn’t even have an email address. Wow…people don’t have an email address?? How is that possible? He made me feel like a techie genius!

Well, being the good friend that I pride myself on being, I volunteered to help. After all, I knew how to set up a Facebook account, so setting one up for a business couldn’t be that difficult. Well, it’s not that it was difficult, but it was time consuming. There were tons of things I had to look up, and I did make a few mistakes. Well, three hours later, we had a fan page up, but in all honesty, I knew there were so many other issues to address (like traffic!!)

So what did I do? Spent the next few days researching Facebook fan pages of course. Well, my downfall always is that I just can’t buy one ebook and be done with it. No, I have to learn EVERYTHING there is to learn, compare the ebooks, decide which is the best one, then tell everyone about it. (Could it be the teacher in me?) I don’t know. But anyway, if you’d like to set up a Facebook fan page, click here for the best ebook out there.

Now…you might ask..”Why do I need a Facebook Fan Page?” Well, here’s a few reasons.

If you’re a small business owner, you could advertise your specials for the week, offer coupons, let people know what’s happening in your pub or restaurant for the week. It takes two minutes to write a two line post. (unlike a website that is not changeable so easily)

If you’re a marketer, the possibilities are endless. You can set up a fan page to promote your niche, your ebook, your product, etc. All you need to do is learn how to use a few different Facebook applications
and learn some Facebook codes and you’re done. You can sell your products right inside Facebook.

Now I’m not an expert yet, but I’m telling you I see some tremendous possibilities here. Oh, did I mention that Facebook Fan pages are indexed by the search engines? Yes, another important thing to know before you start yours…keep those keywords in mind.

Anyway, take a look Fan Page Profit here. Well worth the money

Have a wonderful day!


PS> I almost forgot to mention the exciting part! I was having lunch with a few friends and was explaining what I had just learned about setting up the Facebook Fan pages. Well, 2 of my friends asked if I would help them as well. One suggested that I get a few of us together and set up a class, which they would be glad to pay for! Wow, that was exciting! Then an even more unbelievable thing happened. The gentleman sitting at the table next to us, overheard us talking and asked if I could help him too. It was at that point that my marketing brain took over and I realized that there are loads of folks out there in the same position, especially those older folks who didn’t grow up with the web at their fingertips. Hmmm…I see some interesting possibilities arising!

Get your copy of Fanpage Profits and see what money making ideas you come up with! I’d love it if you would share them below!

Set up your fan page now!

Set up your fan page now!


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