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Let me tell you a very short story. Last year, my blog got hijacked. If you knew me then, you’ll know what I went through. Let me say that it wasn’t just aggravating, but it cost me quite a bit of money to hire someone to fix it, AND most importantly it cost me TIME and worry. I actually took a day off from my teaching job because I was so upset and didn’t know HOW to fix it!!

Simple stuff really, but it’s something I will never forget. There’s an easy way to secure your WordPress Blog and it’s called WordPress Lockdown.

The tips inside WordPress Lockdown are mostly simple stuff, and they also include 3 checklists so that when you install or update more blogs, you don’t have to read all 88 pages again.

How much is peace of mind worth to you? More than $17, I’ll bet.

But that’s not all you get for that amount of money.

As part of the “holiday” special, you’ll also get a product from Jason Fladlien that I don’t think has ever been seen before (not even sold by Jason).

It’s called Affiliate Genius, it’s actually a blog filled with affiliate tips of all types. 139 blog posts, including videos, and an extraordinary amount of content as only Jason can put together.

The content, if put inside a PDF, would probably be close to 150 to 200 pages. And Jason Fladlien knows his stuff!

Affiliate Genius alone should be a $47 product, minimum, but it’s included at no extra charge, if you buy WordPress Lockdown

get on board today, read WP Lockdown, do the steps suggested to reduce your hacker vulnerability, and then sit back, relax, and go through Jason’s material.

If you’re hacked next week, or tomorrow, you’ll really feel badly for not buying this today and doing what’s inside.

If you don’t, the bonus is worth triple the price anyway, don’t you think? If you buy and disagree, just tell me, you’ll get your money back.
Have a great day!


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