Well, my good friend and techie consultant, Michelle Greene has done it again! She has produced some fantastic instructional videos on how to set up a WordPress Blog. I think she made these because she was tired of answering my endless questions! Honestly though, Michelle is a techie wizard or is it wizardess…and has a wonderful skill in teaching non-techies like me how to do things that I never thought I could do!

Now I owe her big time for all she’s done for me, so I’ve decided to give you a $10 rebate if you order thru my link. The videos are $27, so I think that’s a good deal. The videos are all short, step by step tutorials that make things clear and simple.

So take a look at her site, Fast Start Profit System here. If you read my blog post, dated Sept. 22, you’ll see that she’s giving away a great ebook on getting started. You can get that for free, just by visiting. In the beginning of the ebook, she offers the instructional videos. So enjoy the free ebook, it’s packed with great information, and order the videos to help you get started with a WordPress blog.

Just send me an email at dorotheastips@yahoo.com and let me know you ordered the videos thru my link and I’ll gladly send you your rebate!

Have a wonderful day! Visit her site now!


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