Happy holidays to all! And here’s my way of saying thank you for being a loyal reader!

This holiday season, a good friend of mine, Terry Telford, is going to hand out $10 bills:

Here’s how it works:

Terry just published a book with Jay Conrad Levinson called Guerrilla Marketing Breakthrough Strategies. It reveals how to use joint ventures to expand your business exponentially. He was able to make $138,950 in 7 days and he is showing you the strategies he used.

Now don’t think that because you don’t have your own product or website up yet, you can’t benefit fromhis advice.

I met Terry at a Marketing Seminar last year where he was a speaker. I was lucky enough to spend a lot of time with him that weekend. He gave me some tremendous advice to help memove my business along…things I never would have thought of on my own. And this is a guy who has his own consulting business and charges a small fortune for his expertise. All I can say is that he’s creative, brilliant, and someone worth listening to!

So how do you get your $10 bill?

He needs book reviews on Amazon.com and he’s willing to pay you $10 for your honest review.

Here’s how it works.

1. Order your copy of the book from http://www.TheGuerrillaGuys.com

2. Read the book and post your review on Amazon.com

3. Send him your receipt number and your paypal address and he’ll send you $10

Don’t worry, he’ll include these instructions with your copy of the book. He’ll even sign the book for you personally.

Pick up your book from http://www.TheGuerrillaGuys.com and you should have it within 14 days.

Have a blessed and happy holiday!


PS> Here’s a $5 bonus from me personally. Order his book, write the review and let me know and I’ll send you another $5. Send me an email at dorotheastips@yahoo.com.  I’d really like you to have this book.

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