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Well many of you might be wishing that you had your own product to promote, but you just don’t want all the work involved with creating one from scratch. Well, then Private Label Rights are the answer!

Today, I’m going to let you in on a formula that you can use to turn Private Label Rights, or PLR products into a cash flow. But first, I’ll tell you what most people do and why it doesn’t work.

The average person buys a package of Private Label Rights products and turns around and tries to sell the package as it is. They quickly find that everyone else is selling the same package and it becomes a price war. The person selling the PLR package at the lowest price gets the orders. There ís
very little money in that game.

Here ís how to buy a Private Label Rights Package and turn it into a goldmine for you…

1. Edit it.
This one should be the obvious choice, but very few people do this. When you own a Private Label Rights product, that means you can edit the product, put your name on it and
voila, you’ve got your very own product to sell with none of the hassle of writing it. You can pump out a product a day using this system.

2. Package it.
Use it as a bonus for a product you’re already selling. Statistics prove that adding bonuses to
sales pages increases your sales. People love free stuff, so add a PLR product as a bonus and increase your sales.

3. Use it as content.
Some webmasters pull the PLR product apart and use it as content for a website. That’s a great
idea, but add a twist and you’ll monetize it too.

Put each page of the book on a webpage. At the bottom of each webpage place a link to the next page of the book and a link for people to buy the whole book as a download. This works wonderfully.

After about 10 pages of reading online, people get tired of reading web pages and want the book so they can download it and print it. It’s a lot easier reading a book in paper format than online. So people read a few pages online, decide they like the book and click on your order link.

4. Break it down into articles.
Another easy way to sell your PLR ebook is breaking it down into a series of articles. Post the articles in article directories with a link in the resource box for people to buy the book and sales will roll in on autopilot.

And here ís the big secret. Buy PLR products that are sold in a limited quantity. You’ll have a head start on the market and have the advantage of making the most money right out of the gate. And right now you’ve got that chance. But you have to act fast.

You only have until March 22.

So click here for a fantastic PLR package!

Private Label Rights are a wonderful way to make money on the Internet, and I must say, this is a fantastic package.

But hurry, because only a limited number are being sold. This is good as it keeps the value up!

Have a great day!


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