Some exciting news tonite!

Yes, there is a contest with the winner being picked on Monday and you have as good a chance
of winning as anyone else and you can enter by clicking here.

But when you sign up for Herschy Schwerdt’s free 40 page ebook covering some fantastic insider info
on video marketing and how to use it to generate traffic to your website, you will be amazed at
the content he gives, yes gives away.

You’ll also receive 2 hours of videos. I watched them and they’re great! I’ve learned so much from Herschy’s free videos and ebook and blog already, I can’t imagine what more the paid product could include!

This week is his prelaunch…he’ll have a product coming out on May 7th, I believe.
Well, let me tell you why he’s doing this.

Herschy is a protege of Frank Kern. If you’re familiar with Frank Kern’s marketing style,
he gives away tons of valuable information during his prelaunch. People get to know him and love him and buy his stuff!

Well, Herschy is doing the same thing. So take advantage of the prelaunch this week, and you will gain a valuable education in video marketing, even if you don’t buy his product in the end.

And you just might be the lucky winner of the flip camera!! Here’s the link for the contest.

Have a great day! Dorothea

Whoops…in my excitement, I almost forgot to remind you about what is included in the 40
page report on video marketing.

This 40 page Quick Video Marketing Report will show you exactly how to:

* Rank on the Page #1 of Google and Youtube using Video SEO
* Optimize your YouTube Videos
* Write Quick, Easy, Yet Powerful Video Scripts so you’ll know just what to say
* Find the Best Sites to Host Your Videos -no YouTube’s not the only party in town
* Optimize Video Lead Pages
* And Way More…

Hurry, you’ll need some time to watch and learn all this stuff! online casino

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