Good morning everyone!

Just read a very scary story which prompted me to take immediate action... CLICK HERE!

The FTC has just put out new guidelines, and Google is putting emphasis on legal
documents being readable!

No one is immune!

One particular marketer had to take her website down AND pay $750 costs... 
...OR be sued for $30,000! 

Which is why I'm telling you about the offer that's running at the moment... 

 Here's what you get: (all written by a lawyer, by the way)
1. Anti-Spam Policy 
2. Copyright Notice 
3. Disclaimer: multi-discipline professional disclaimers 
4. DMCA Compliance 
5. Federal Trade Commission Compliance 
6. Privacy Policy 
7. Terms of Service & Conditions of Use 
8. Social Media Disclaimer These are all written by a lawyer, and are cut and 
paste that you can use on all your sites. 

This package will soon go on sale at $97, but it's at a discount HERE. 

You need to have these on your sites BEFORE you need them. 


Have a great day! Dorothea
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