Hello All!

Well it’s been a crazy month for me here in NY.
First a minor earthquake (which we’ve never experienced!)
then unfortunately a hurricane where we had to evacuate.

Well, our power is back and life is good and Dennis
Becker is having a huge birthday sale. I love those
birthday, wedding, and holiday sales where marketers
give away the store at bargain prices! Dennis Becker
always puts together great packages and this one is a
steal for $10.

Here’s what you get…It includes something for everyone:

– A $37 Jason Fladlien product…another fantastic marketer!

– A split testing/copywriting product that goes for $47…

– A valuable super-relevant report about how to prevent and/or fix WP
attacks…something we ALL need!

– And 3 AWESOME PLR reports you can use to either read or re-sell. These
have never been released before and are AWESOME. If you’d like to start
publishing on Kindle or the Nook, here’s an easy way to start.

Everything works out to well over $100 worth of value, but Dennis
decided to let all 6 of those things go for $1.66 apiece.

VERY crazy… especially considering you get PLR on 3 REALLY high-quality

But hey, it’s a birthday celebration!

So click over to get details:

Have a wonderful day! Dorothea

P.S. Even if only ONE of those things
piques your interest, I guarantee it’s
worth more than your investment on the
entire bundle. HERE IS THE LINK AGAIN!


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