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Well, I’ve been quite busy lately investigating all of the info out there on Kindle Publishing. Writing and publishing has always been a passion of mine and when I put my first book up on Kindle 2 years ago, it was quite a thrill! I’ve been promoting a few products on how to do this, but mostly spending my time showing my friends and family how easy and profitable the whole thing is.

This summer I bought a PLR book and asked a friend to rewrite it and put it on Kindle since I didn’t have time. A few nights ago, she called and asked me why she had gotten a check from Amazon, totally forgetting that she put the book up there. When she checked, she saw that she had 20 more sales for Oct. and Nov. that she hadn’t even been paid for yet. (They hold payment for 2 months, I believe). The best part of that is …there were affiliate links in that book (that was our deal) and sure enough, I had generated sales from her book. (I had forgotten all about that too!)

So I learned a couple of things:

* My record keeping has to get a bit better.
* I have to get more books up there on Kindle
* This is really a profitable business!

Here’s some basics that I want to share:

1. ANYONE can put an article or book on Kindle.

2. You can write it yourself or buy PLR (Private Label Rights books). If you do this, you MUST rewrite the book and make it your own, or it will be removed. You really just can’t stick up any old stuff on there.

3. After you write it, you can go to kindle and follow the formatting directions to get it published OR: you can go to www.katiecarneypublishing.com and let my daughter do it for you. She has set up a “do it for you” business for those who love to write but hate to deal with the technicalities of formatting etc.

4. My advice on pen names: Use your own name if that is your area of specialty and something you’d like to be known for. Use a pen name if you’re writing about something outside of your area of expertise. For example, I use my own name when writing about autism, and that’s the book I currently have on kindle. I use a pen name for other topics. This is fine with Kindle.

So here is a great product that just came out. It’s called Kindle Cash Flow by Ty Cohen and it’s the most comprehensive course you can imagine. Soup to nuts.

The formula that he uses is pretty straight forward, in fact over the last couple of
months Ty Cohen, has made well over $100,000.00 publishing short little reports, PLR material and stories to Kindle. WATCH HIS FREE VIDEO HERE!

You will see exactly how he did it using nothing more than his secret formula
which he calls the “Kindle Cash Flow” method 😉

OK, so get busy! And have a wonderful day!


P.S. When you have really credible media outlets like the New York
and Los Angeles Times writing about how profitable it can be to publish
content to Kindle, you know that this is something that YOU need to be
a part of..

So WATCH THIS VIDEO NOW! You’ll be glad you did!

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