Well, James Jones has a weekend $7.00 special on a kindle product so I’m a happy camper!  His products are great and I voted for this one because I buy everything I can get my hands on about kindle.

Here’s what you get:

  • When less is more. Why, making an ebook more simple could send sales through the roof! See page 13 right now.
  • Clever pricing trick used by best-selling fiction authors turns one sale into five, increases profits by at least 50%, and gets readers hooked on your content. Read page 13 right away.
  •  Why the angle or “spin” you put on your book, can be more important than the content inside it!
  • How to write titles that showcase your “big idea — You can write titles like “The Four Hour Workweek” and “The Millionaire Fastlane.” The tips start on page 16.
  • How to use the “Zeignerik Effect” to anchor your title in the reader’s mind. He just won’t be happy ’til he buys your book!
  • Why readers DO judge a book by its cover… and how to get a professional, polished cover without hiring a designer.
  • Why conventional ecovers will KILL your sales and what to use instead. Page 21.
  • FREE software creates professional covers for you… and it’s not the GIMP.
  • Having zero book reviews is like an empty restaurant… it’s a BIG warning to potential customers. Four ways to get your book reviewed are on page 28.
  • Plus: You won’t risk a penny because you get…a money back guarantee!

Don’t miss out on this one. It’s just for the weekend.


Have a great night!



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