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Well, I’ve been very busy lately taking a look at the overwhelming number of “how to publish on Kindle” type of products out there… So here’s one I recommend if you’d like a bit of help on formatting your book the correct way.

James Jones has just recorded a brand new Kindle Formatting course that will show you the easy way to get your eBooks ready for publication very quickly.

Take a look here.

This video series is a good one and will teach you:

-> Where to find a free software tool that automatically creates the Table of Contents for you! No more fumbling around trying to create links and bookmarks. All you have to do is enter one magic code and PRESTO — instant Table of Contents.

-> Super Easy Cover Creation. No expensive software required. He’ll show you how to create a cover image using the free Paint software that comes with all PCs.

-> How to get a free Previewer Application that exactly emulates the Kindle. Install this software and it will run on your desktop so you can see what your ebook will look like before uploading it! This is a huge time saver…

And don’t worry… you’ve not going to have to spend hours learning how to do this. These videos are only 34 minutes long. Just follow along and you’ll be an expert in no time.

Go grab this course now and learn how to format your Kindle eBooks the fast and easy way…

You’ll see exactly what to do and how to do it. All with free software tools.

Have a great day!

P.S. Act now and you can get this brand new Kindle Formatting video course only $7.00. Watch the videos this weekend and learn a new and valuable skill. On Sunday, the price goes up to $27. Still worth it at that price, but I always love a bargain, so get it now for $7.00!

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