The best-kept secret of best-selling authors can now be yours at a 74% discount!

Yes, folks, I just bought Kindle Mania, another James Jones $7 special and I highly recommend it.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • Where to find what books sell in languages other than English.
  • Where to get ebook ideas guaranteed to sell because they’ve already sold by the thousands… and some have made millions of dollars!
  • Why mediocre covers are worse for sales than bad ones!
  • The best cover-creating rule when you’re not talented at making them… if it works for Google, it will work for you! Page 15.
  • Three ways to influence a perspective reader in the most pivotal section of your book… Their decision to buy your book — or not! — hinges on what you put in this section. See page 18 now.
  • When you might want to eliminate your middle chapters. Page 18.

If you know James, you know that he offers a $7.00 weekend price then the price jumps to $27. I highly recommend that you purchase this quickly!

Have a great weekend!



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