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Well, since I’ve been reading practically every ebook written on the topic of publishing on Kindle, I decided to implement a few of the new things I learned.

About two years ago, I put a book up on Kindle (http://amzn.to/HTtXWm) and made about one sale per month. It had a ranking of about 250,000 in the Kindle bookstore. Not very good. So on April 2, I did a few things which I’ll explain and my ranking of this morning – about 2 weeks later is: 44,238 Paid in Kindle Store

MUCH better wouldn’t you say! And I’ve made 57 sales in the past couple of weeks.

Here’s what I did:

I did a free give-away. How does that increase sales, you might ask.  Well, the books you give away count as sales and that dramatically increased my ranking. Because my ranking increased, I am now selling more books! You can enroll in KDP Select and you have the option to do this. You can do this 5 times during your 90 day enrollment period and I would recommend splitting up the days and doing the give -aways  one at a time.

I advertised my free giveaway in a few ways.  I sent an email to all of my friends and posted on facebook. I asked everyone to download the book on the free giveaway day and explained (very important) that they could still download the book to their computer if they didn’t have a kindle.  I also gave them the link to my book. This saved them the trouble of having to find it on Kindle.  (You can shorten the long Amazon link by going to www.bitly.com).

I also asked my friends to “like” my book on Amazon and click on the tags they thought were relevant. This also helps ratings. Next, I  went to a few Kindle forums and let them know when my free giveaway day was going to be. I also belong to a few autism groups and posted on their facebook fan pages. You can also register at some of the popular book review sites.

Next, it is important to get some book reviews up there. A couple of friends wrote reviews for my book and then other readers added their own.  Now…You can buy reviews at fiverr.com for $5 each, but some people feel this is unethical. You’ll have to decide that for yourself. And…you have to be careful not to irritate Kindle in any way or they will close your account. So if you’ve sold one book and have 10 reviews up there, Kindle might not like that!

One book which really helped give me some promotional ideas was Kindle Kickstart Promotion which I highly recommend. This book really gives a lot of detail and explains various ways to promote your book. Yes, you do have to a bit of work to promote your book! But it’s worth it. Hope this helps and feel free to leave comments below and tell me how you’re coming along!


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