I have been a member of the Directory of Ezines for the
past 3 years. I have to say that it’s paid for itself many times
over for me. Let me explain.

The DOE started as the world’s first ezine directory and has
now grown to be so much more.

While the DOE is still THE place to find ezines that sell
ads, publish articles and do joint ventures, they now offer
members great benefits like …

* Free personal consulting (A $200 per *hour* value)
* Products you can sell and keep 100% of the profits
* Viral reports you can use to build you lists
* Ad space on their websites – members get 20 ad spots!
* Free classified ad writing – 3 ads for any site you promote
* Help with ALL forms of marketing, not just ezines

And MUCH more — with even MORE coming soon!

Each member receives a very real $2000 (or more) in real
world value. I’m talking about things like personal
consulting and ad writing- things you would pay for with any
other site.

And what is my favorite part about the DOE? You can get
discounts for solo ads from the Ezines that participate. I think
solo ads are one of the best ways to advertise if you’re willing
to spend some cash.

Well, lifetime memberships are coming to a close. So take a look now

I can honestly say, that it was a great investment and it paid
for itself over and over again. It’s a one time fee…no
monthly payments.
So don’t delay. Join before the
lifetime membership doors close!

Have a great day! Dorothea

Have a great day!

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