Good morning everyone!
If you are struggling to get to the next level with your Kindle publishing, then here’s the solution for you.
Yes, but that word brings lots of anxiety to people, even me. How do I find someone, what if they don’t deliver, on and on.
The best way to outsource is to have a system. And instead of trying to figure out what works for you, take what others have already had success with, and copy them.
Rachel Rofe and James Jones have just released a fantastic, in-depth course on complete outsourcing for your Kindle books. This is a great course at a  very low introductory price that delivers real value.
 You will learn how  to find and hire quality writers and a low and reasonable cost. There are also sample emails and hiring templates to use. They even provide the names of outsourcers they use and recommend! (I will be using this)
I also highly recommend the upgrade for this course as it has some real gems in it. You’ll get specific information actually telling your writers how to write well in order to create compelling content! That is information I have never seen in an outsourcing course.
If you’d like an easy way to publish on Kindle,  outsourcing properly can help you achieve success.

Have a wonderful day!

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The best-kept secret of best-selling authors can now be yours at a 74% discount!

Yes, folks, I just bought Kindle Mania, another James Jones $7 special and I highly recommend it.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • Where to find what books sell in languages other than English.
  • Where to get ebook ideas guaranteed to sell because they’ve already sold by the thousands… and some have made millions of dollars!
  • Why mediocre covers are worse for sales than bad ones!
  • The best cover-creating rule when you’re not talented at making them… if it works for Google, it will work for you! Page 15.
  • Three ways to influence a perspective reader in the most pivotal section of your book… Their decision to buy your book — or not! — hinges on what you put in this section. See page 18 now.
  • When you might want to eliminate your middle chapters. Page 18.

If you know James, you know that he offers a $7.00 weekend price then the price jumps to $27. I highly recommend that you purchase this quickly!

Have a great weekend!



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Hello Friends!

Tonite I bought another Kindle product. Yes, I have to buy them all.  Haven’t read and watched the whole thing yet, (it’s a lot), but it’s great. It’s called Kickstart Kindle Promotion:  The 10 Step Plan to Accelerate Your Sales.

Now my good friend asked me tonite why I needed another Kindle product. Simple answer. I’m perfectly willing to learn from others’ mistakes. That’s the nice part about being older. I ‘ve learned that I don’t have to make every mistake myself.  And when it comes to sales, we HAVE to learn from others because time and money are at stake!

So here’s what you get:A 36 page guide which reveals :

  • A simple 10 step plan to promote your Kindle books.
  • Easy ways to increase your book exposure.
  • A replicable system for every book published that does most of the work for you.
  • Visual instructions that walk you through each step of the process!
  • The Ability to easily outsource part or all of your efforts.

And here’s the product link    I highly recommend it!



Now  shortly I’ll be writing up my experiences writing and publishing my latest ebook to Kindle.  But in the meantime, I am giving away a free copy of my book all day Sunday (tomorrow). I believe the promo goes from 3am EST on Sunday for 24 hours. Just go to my book at:

If you don’t have a kindle, you can download it to your computer. You may have no interest in the topic, but it will give you an idea of how short an ebook can be and how I set it up. The free giveaway day is something that Amazon promotes, and each free download helps raise the ranking of my book. So thanks to all who do this for me.

OK I’m very excited about all that’s going on right now.  Have a good night. Dorothea

LINKS again:

Kindle Kickstart Promotion

My book on kindle:




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Well, James Jones has a weekend $7.00 special on a kindle product so I’m a happy camper!  His products are great and I voted for this one because I buy everything I can get my hands on about kindle.

Here’s what you get:

  • When less is more. Why, making an ebook more simple could send sales through the roof! See page 13 right now.
  • Clever pricing trick used by best-selling fiction authors turns one sale into five, increases profits by at least 50%, and gets readers hooked on your content. Read page 13 right away.
  •  Why the angle or “spin” you put on your book, can be more important than the content inside it!
  • How to write titles that showcase your “big idea — You can write titles like “The Four Hour Workweek” and “The Millionaire Fastlane.” The tips start on page 16.
  • How to use the “Zeignerik Effect” to anchor your title in the reader’s mind. He just won’t be happy ’til he buys your book!
  • Why readers DO judge a book by its cover… and how to get a professional, polished cover without hiring a designer.
  • Why conventional ecovers will KILL your sales and what to use instead. Page 21.
  • FREE software creates professional covers for you… and it’s not the GIMP.
  • Having zero book reviews is like an empty restaurant… it’s a BIG warning to potential customers. Four ways to get your book reviewed are on page 28.
  • Plus: You won’t risk a penny because you get…a money back guarantee!

Don’t miss out on this one. It’s just for the weekend.


Have a great night!



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James Jones will be presenting on this exclusive Kindle Training Session.

You’ll learn:

* The key thing that almost everyone is missing about Kindle Publishing (without this knowledge you are just wasting your time)
* The X factor formula for Kindle Success.
* How to Spy on your competitors.
* The four Make It or Break Factors that determine a great niche.
* Brand New software demo.

Plus, we will also have a Q and A session.

Don’t miss this one. James Jones is one of the foremost experts on Kindle and he really knows his stuff!!


Have a great day!!


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Hello All!       

Would you like to know how Chris Munch got 245,025 visitors to his website in 48 hours AND became invincible to Google’s latest algorithms?
Well, he tells all in his  really great course that helps free you from needing to buy back links. Google is getting smarter and is beginning to look at “buying backlinks” as “tricking the system” and this is a no no.

The method that Chris is teaching is one that he learned from one of the biggest blog networks in the world. He’s gotten up to 100k visitors to his site within 48 hours which is quite impressive as far as I’m concerned!

His system is a lot faster and a lot more Google approved than buying back links… and it helps you get really fantastic SEO rankings down the line.

Get Hook Pigeon Live here!

If you’re at all worried about traffic, this course can help you in a major way.

PS> This course met with such rave reviews, it crashed the Warrior Forum System!!

Get it now!!

And have a wonderful day!


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Hello Friends!

Lately, I’ve been reviewing every Kindle product I could get my hands on.

Some are good and some aren’t!

But Dennis Becker’s products are always great! AND…

I know this is really a way that you really can make a good income producing books for the Kindle.
But many of you either have trouble writing or just don’t enjoy it. There is a solution for you.

Dennis Becker is one of those guys I trust and he is starting what he calls a “Kindle Case
Study” where he will take you by the hand and lead you through the
process of taking a book, turning it into a best seller on Amazon,
and then further monetizing it beyond even that.

His goal is to make more from than one book than from 100 or more
of the books that the other courses show you how to make.

Can he succeed? It should be fun to watch, like reality TV.

Beyond the case study though, he’s including a bonus worth more
than the cost of the course, it’s the Self Publishing Tool Box,
which helps you get the formatting for you books just right.

Poor formatting can absolutely kill Kindle sales, don’t risk that.

If you’ve purchased some of the other Kindle courses, you know
that it isn’t difficult to produce books that can make on average
$20 a month each, but the problem is, Amazon doesn’t really like
those books.

Dennis will show you how to produce a book they do like, that
won’t be at risk of the next Amazon slap (there was one last
year when they took down most of the PLR books).

Sign up here –now this is important…(enter the code kindlevip into the gift certificate
field and click on validate to get the best current price, before  signing up):

This could be the single most valuable course you’ve ever taken.

Dennis tells me that he’s cutting off signups after he reaches
his target number, but he’s not saying what that number is. He’s
also starting a WSO soon, so once that hits, the number could be
reached anytime.

So sign up now and don’t miss out.


P.S. Remember to use the gift certificate code of kindlevip and
click on validate before you make payment, in order to receive the
best current price.

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Hello All,

Yes, more Kindle News!
Well, as I’ve said, I’ve been buying everything out there on Kindle and James Jones’ latest product is not only excellent, BUT it’s only $7.00.  Can’t beat the price.

James sells ebooks on Amazon and he can show you how he produces winning titles over and over and over and sells them
like crazy He’s doing a fabulous business  on Amazon, and he has it down to a science. I always say, “Pick a winner and follow his advice. Don’t reinvent the wheel!”

Because his sales are ramping up so quickly, Jan 2012 has already been the best month ever for James (better than all of 2011 combined), and the trend is skyrocketing up for those that know what they are doing. And that’s the important part…know what you’re doing.

Being in the “information product” business is insanely profitable and this guide is just what you need.

His new $7 course is very under priced.  His price goes up to nearly $100 soon on this step-by-step course.

Get this one while it’s cheap.  Enjoy!

Have a great day!


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Hello All,

Well, we all  know how big Kindle publishing is right now so if you’re one of those folks who is interested in publishing on Kindle, then keep reading.  I’ve waded through many, many “how to publish on Kindle” training courses, because this is my passion right now. Some were rehashed stuff that most people know, some are better than others. This one is excellent.

Take a look here.

Here’s what I like about Geoff’s training:

*it’s short, clear, and to the point. You’re not left sorting thru tons of irrelevant information.

*He goes’ into the area of how to get good content if you don’t have your own (and not be penalized for it).

*He explains how to get readers to buy your stuff and promote it for you.

*He shows you how to avoid the mistakes that most people make when they start out.

*He really shows you what you need to do to succeed.

In my opinion, this is one of the best, most complete Kindle training products out there. If you have any interest in publishing on Kindle, this will save you hours and hours of wasted time trying to figure out strategies yourself. The price is incredibly reasonable (especially when you see how much so many others are charging!)

Take advantage of this offer now!

Have a wonderful day!






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Hello All!
Well, I’ve been very busy lately taking a look at the overwhelming number of “how to publish on Kindle” type of products out there… So here’s one I recommend if you’d like a bit of help on formatting your book the correct way.

James Jones has just recorded a brand new Kindle Formatting course that will show you the easy way to get your eBooks ready for publication very quickly.

Take a look here.

This video series is a good one and will teach you:

-> Where to find a free software tool that automatically creates the Table of Contents for you! No more fumbling around trying to create links and bookmarks. All you have to do is enter one magic code and PRESTO — instant Table of Contents.

-> Super Easy Cover Creation. No expensive software required. He’ll show you how to create a cover image using the free Paint software that comes with all PCs.

-> How to get a free Previewer Application that exactly emulates the Kindle. Install this software and it will run on your desktop so you can see what your ebook will look like before uploading it! This is a huge time saver…

And don’t worry… you’ve not going to have to spend hours learning how to do this. These videos are only 34 minutes long. Just follow along and you’ll be an expert in no time.

Go grab this course now and learn how to format your Kindle eBooks the fast and easy way…

You’ll see exactly what to do and how to do it. All with free software tools.

Have a great day!

P.S. Act now and you can get this brand new Kindle Formatting video course only $7.00. Watch the videos this weekend and learn a new and valuable skill. On Sunday, the price goes up to $27. Still worth it at that price, but I always love a bargain, so get it now for $7.00!

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Hello All…

Well, the new year is upon us and I’d like to extend my
best wishes to you and your family for a happy, healthy,
and prosperous New Year!

I have something to share with you today that is worth its
weight in gold and will hopefully get you going in 2012.

Relax, no charge, my gift to you for being a loyal subscriber.

Every year, I tend to analyze my life and see how things are
going. I set goals to become more productive.

My biggest problem is time management.There is simply too much to
do in a day! I think we all feel that way at times.

I’ve learned that in order to be successful, it’s so important
to start my day with some planning and decide on priorities.

So today, I have something for you that I think will help you
as much as it’s helped me. It’s called “Your Daily Success Plan”.

You can download “Your Daily Success Plan” here at no charge.

What’s the catch?

You’ll need to download it, read it, and take action on the plan.

And that’s it. Have a very Happy New Year! Make it a good one!



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Hello All,
Well, I’ve been quite busy lately investigating all of the info out there on Kindle Publishing. Writing and publishing has always been a passion of mine and when I put my first book up on Kindle 2 years ago, it was quite a thrill! I’ve been promoting a few products on how to do this, but mostly spending my time showing my friends and family how easy and profitable the whole thing is.

This summer I bought a PLR book and asked a friend to rewrite it and put it on Kindle since I didn’t have time. A few nights ago, she called and asked me why she had gotten a check from Amazon, totally forgetting that she put the book up there. When she checked, she saw that she had 20 more sales for Oct. and Nov. that she hadn’t even been paid for yet. (They hold payment for 2 months, I believe). The best part of that is …there were affiliate links in that book (that was our deal) and sure enough, I had generated sales from her book. (I had forgotten all about that too!)

So I learned a couple of things:

* My record keeping has to get a bit better.
* I have to get more books up there on Kindle
* This is really a profitable business!

Here’s some basics that I want to share:

1. ANYONE can put an article or book on Kindle.

2. You can write it yourself or buy PLR (Private Label Rights books). If you do this, you MUST rewrite the book and make it your own, or it will be removed. You really just can’t stick up any old stuff on there.

3. After you write it, you can go to kindle and follow the formatting directions to get it published OR: you can go to and let my daughter do it for you. She has set up a “do it for you” business for those who love to write but hate to deal with the technicalities of formatting etc.

4. My advice on pen names: Use your own name if that is your area of specialty and something you’d like to be known for. Use a pen name if you’re writing about something outside of your area of expertise. For example, I use my own name when writing about autism, and that’s the book I currently have on kindle. I use a pen name for other topics. This is fine with Kindle.

So here is a great product that just came out. It’s called Kindle Cash Flow by Ty Cohen and it’s the most comprehensive course you can imagine. Soup to nuts.

The formula that he uses is pretty straight forward, in fact over the last couple of
months Ty Cohen, has made well over $100,000.00 publishing short little reports, PLR material and stories to Kindle. WATCH HIS FREE VIDEO HERE!

You will see exactly how he did it using nothing more than his secret formula
which he calls the “Kindle Cash Flow” method 😉

OK, so get busy! And have a wonderful day!


P.S. When you have really credible media outlets like the New York
and Los Angeles Times writing about how profitable it can be to publish
content to Kindle, you know that this is something that YOU need to be
a part of..

So WATCH THIS VIDEO NOW! You’ll be glad you did!

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