I’m so excited to announce that Ross Goldberg is having another Internet Master’s Seminar!

Why am I excited? Well, I’ve been to the past two seminars that he held and nothing will keep me from this one!

Not only does he have fantastic speakers, but he knows how to have fun! I brought my 21 year old daughter to the last one and she was a bit reluctant to go…
(What am I going to do there..I don’t have any interest in this stuff). Those were her original words, and now, nothing could keep her from the next one!

She got an editing job from one of the speakers and made a bunch of new friends from all over the world.

Anyway, Ross has a fantastic line up of speakers so far including…

Ross Goldberg – Social Media

Rich Schefren – Business Systems

Joel Comm – Adsense King

Ken McArthur – Impact Master

Anik Singal – Affiliate Dynamo

Lee and Robin Collins – Hybrid Marketing

Tracy Repchuk – Marketing Maestro

Scott Paton – Podcasting

Frank Sousa – Video

Simon Leung – Adwords Optimizer

Ben Mack – Branding Genius

Paulie Sabol – Public Speaking

Richard Butler – Success Coach

Plus a few more still being finalized.

Besides the wonderful speakers, you get to mingle with these speakers during all of the
breaks. You will also make so many contacts, and find friends to brainstorm with.

I just can’t say enough about Ross’s events.

I just don’t know why he charges so little… believe me, it’s worth quadruple the price…

Check it out here…

I really hope to meet up with you there! Let me know if you can make it…


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