Hello All,

Here’s some big news from one of my favorite marketers!

Over the past week I’ve been telling you a lot about Russell Brunson’s Micro-Continuity program.

3 months ago Russell released this training and sold it for $2,497. It sold out in just 1 minute and 47 seconds!! (Yes, it was THAT good!)

Well, today you have a chance to get this training on your own pre-loaded MP3 player at no cost!
(just pay for shipping). Click here for free MP3 player.

Russell took a few of those original students and had an very top secret underground workshop at
his offices. He put the recording from this event on pre-loaded MP3 players and is giving them

Of course, supplies are limited. I’m ordering mine right now and I really suggest you get yours quickly. He’s got some super bonuses too.

Here’s my bonus for the first 10 people who order…

I will reimburse you for your shipping cost. Simply leave a comment below, then email me with proof of purchase and I’ll refund your shipping cost by paypal.

Have a great night!


PS…OK for all of you skeptics out there! And aren’t we all skeptical about free offers? “What’s the catch?” you ask. There really is no catch. Russell is very upfront. No tiny print and unexpected charges on your charge card. Watch carefully what Russell does and how he does it..this is exactly what his micro continuity program is all about. Give away lots of valuable content and entice people into trying out your product for a limited time for free. GET YOUR FREE MP3 PLAYER HERE! (while supplies last)

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  1. Kate

    Great videos! Thanks for sharing them. Just placed my order through the link above and am sending an email to you for my refund. Thanks again, looks like another great idea from Russell. Hope it works for me!

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