I love Jimmy Brown. He tells it like it is and he creates fantastic products. What’s not to love!

So here’s his latest. He’s put together a course that you can sell for $97 over and over again.

Now, it’s no secret that the ONE thing you and I would like to have more of is traffic.
There is no such thing as “too much” quality traffic. It’s what everyone wants. Number one on the wish list!

In Jimmy D. Brown’s ground-breaking course, Sales Army Secrets, he explains, how to get other people — a lot of them — sending traffic to you at no cost to yourself.

Now, for the first and only time, he’s offering a limited number of resale rights licenses to sell this course.

*** Now YOU can sell the course that teaches what everyone wants!

You can sell the course for $97 per order and keep 100%!

(This is not another $20 ebook to sell … it’s a PREMIUM course that sells for almost a hundred bucks each)

So here’s what you get with your license:

1. A copy of the product to distribute. This includes both the audio MP3 version (10 audio files … over 3 hours of audio!) and the text PDF version (105+ pages).

2. A copy of the bonuses to distribute. You will be able to include the five bonuses
SPECIAL REPORT: 8 Irresistible Ways To Get ‘Super’ Affiliates To Enlist In Your Sales Army!,

AFFILIATE MAILINGS: 8 Autoresponder Mailings You Can Modify and Send To Your Sales Army!,

RECRUITING CHECKLIST: 20 Actions You Can Take Today To Get New Affiliates For Your Program. ,

SPECIAL REPORT : Snail Mail Profits: How To Easily And Affordably Use Snail Mail To Make Your Affiliates Love You!,

SPECIAL REPORT : How To Generate More Profit For Both You And Your Affiliates In One Easy Step!

3. A copy of the professional sales letter. Simply plug in your own order link at the bottom of the page, upload it to your site and you’re ready to take orders with this high-converting sales letter.

The original course itself sells for $97 (or only $67 when it is on sale). You’d expect to pay at least $297 for a license to a”premium” course like this, but Jimmy’s making them available to a
select few for the cost of the regular, personal use version!

That’s right, sell just ONE copy of the course and you’ve made your entire resale rights investment back!

All the details are here...


Only a limited number of licenses are being sold on a “first come, first served” basis. This is going out to tens of thousands of subscribers, affiliates and joint venture partners.

The point is this: if you want a license to a product that everyone wants which you can sell for $97 per order, you’d better go grab this license now! Once they are sold out, they are gone for good.

If you’ve ever bought a resale rights license from Jimmy before, then you know that his materials are FIRST RATE and you’ll almost certainly recoup your investment with your very first promotion.

Get one while it lasts right here.

Have a great day!!

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