Well, Wayne Van Dyck has done it again! Just when I thought Smart Money Websites was the greatest invention on the web, especially for us non-techies, he’s pulled another surprise out of his hat!

Now, a WordPress blog is installed on each of the websites for you! All done, ready for you to start posting! I am really impressed this time. When I think of how long it took me to get this blog set up and the money it cost to get help…well all I can say is, “Thanks, Wayne.” This will certainly make life a lot easier for all of us!

Let me share with you something I just discovered a while ago. A blog post gets indexed by google very quickly. So while it takes only a few minutes to write a blog post, it will get up there on google fast and start driving traffic very quickly! What could be easier?

So add this to the list of features that Smart Money Websites already has, and it becomes an absolutely amazing deal!

If you don’t have your own Smart Money Websites already, then check out my website and see for yourself what an incredible value is offered. And I’m always here if you have any questions! It’s only $1 for a 2 week trial for Smart Money Websites, so what can you lose?

Have a great day and start blogging now and driving free traffic to your site!


PS> Here’s the rebate I promised in my emails…and it good until Dec. 7th only. If you purchase Smart Money Websites thru my link at http://instant-web-magic.com, I will give you two weeks of email support thru my special email address. That should help you get started with Smart Money Websites. Wayne has a support staff to help you with the techie stuff, but you can run ideas by me and get individualized help this way. Be sure to clear your cookies so the link goes thru correctly. Thanks and have a great day!


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