When someone offers you something for “free,” don’t you always wonder what the catch is going to be? I do. My mother always taught me that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. And mothers are always right!

But in the world of Internet Marketing, people are always giving away free things and usually the only thing they want in return is your email address so that they can build a list. And there’s nothing wrong with this.

Well, Todd Gross is one of those marketers that I’ve followed for a long time and I respect his opinion. When he gives away something for “free,” I pay attention, because I know it’s going to be good.

So Todd has started a new site which he is filling with carefully selected, top-notch items which will include a variety of desktop software, programming scripts, ebooks, and PDFs.

Inside this rapidly growing library, you’ll find all kinds of Internet Marketing information. And when you join up, he lets you know when something new is put into the library.

The best part about this site is that it’s not like other Giveaway Sites, with the usual one time offers and sign-up pages. Nope, just sign up using the link below and that’s it.

This month he’s offering 21 no-cost audio tips, and a great video explaining the difference between Resale Rights, Master Resale Rights, and Private Label Rights…all free!

Todd is also collaborating with his Joint Venture partners to provide low cost/high quality offers. So you can benefit from his contacts with other gurus too!

I really can’t think of one reason in the world why anyone wouldn’t join. Take a look for yourself at:


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