I need your help.  Everyone on my list has different needs and I’m trying to find the righ products to help you succeed.   I really don’t want to be sending you an endless list of products to buy.

So take a minute and leave me a comment. Tell me if you’re a beginner or you’re more of an intermediate marketer. Tell me what you’d like to learn…is it how to set up a blog, a website, promote affiliate products, sell in a niche market, adsense info, ebay or what? Just a quick comment will help me to find the right products for you. I want us ALL to succeed in this business!



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2 Responses to “Survey!”

  1. Bob

    Have written a book “How to Buy A Small Business and Let the Government Help Finance It”. Need to drive traffic to the web site.

  2. dorothea

    Thanks for sharing Bob.

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