About 20 years ago, I discovered the wonderful powers of meditation. I had been through a divorce and decided that I needed to completely revamp my life and adopt a new attitude. So I took a 4 day course, which at that time was called Silva Mind Control, by Hose Silva. That course absolutely turned my life around and to this day, it was still the most powerful course I’ve ever taken.

I learned healing techniques, where I was able to control pain and actually make an asthma attack go away, and I learned relaxation techniques by listening to the guided tapes with the alpha sound in the background to help you to stay at level. I learned so many other techniques that I often used.

But life goes on, and I became very busy and although I continued to meditate periodically, I didn’t give it my all.

Once The Secret came out, all my old memories of that wonderful time in my life came flooding back. I missed it. I decided that I had to make time in my busy life for something that was so all important.

I was happy to discover that the course is now being offered on CD and I could do it at home. I ordered it.

If you have any interest at all in improving your life dramatically, take a look at the Silva Mind Method Site. The good part is that they are offering a free course as an introduction. Try it out by clicking here and let me know what you think!

Have a wonderful day! Dorothea

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