Just finished a new ebook called, “The Slacker Way — How To Make Money Online Doing as Little as Possible,” I loved this ebook. It really hit home for me.

Terry Gibbs and James Jones realized that they finally started to have success with internet marketing when they stopped trying to be perfect and started doing only the things that had to be done.

They claim that they figured out how to succeed by being Slackers. Now in reality, I don’t really think either of these guys is a true slacker. They obviously work hard to reach success. But they really do focus on a few important points in their ebook. I know that I’m often guilty of starting a new project before I finish the old one (bad habit), trying to do too many things at once, and trying to do everything perfectly.

Well, this book is very refreshing, because it gives very practical advice. And the best part is that it’s free!

So get your copy now of The Slacker Way.

And PS…take a look at their autoresponder series. They have a lot of style and do a great job with it!

Have a great day!


PS…I’m really enjoying James Jones’ micro niche software. It makes life much easier.  If you missed my review of it, go to my May 20th post, Micro Niche Finder!икони

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