Hello All,

I have to share with you this really cool, fun product that I just bought! It actually is so addicting that
I had to drag myself away from it to write this email.

Ok…video is the big thing right? But so many people (including me) just don’t want to take the time and effort that it takes to make a video. So this product absolutely solves that problem. You just log in, put in a bunch of still photos, add text if you want and music (theirs or yours) and you’re done.

You have a video ready to export to youtube or your own website.

I started out by making a birthday card for an old friend using old photos, but then I couldn’t stop there.
They come out so professional. Check it out here.

You’re really going to love this! Have a wonderful day!


PS> Here’s one video my daughter made for her website.
Click here and go to the about me page. Soooo cool…..

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