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Lately, I’ve been reviewing every Kindle product I could get my hands on.

Some are good and some aren’t!

But Dennis Becker’s products are always great! AND…

I know this is really a way that you really can make a good income producing books for the Kindle.
But many of you either have trouble writing or just don’t enjoy it. There is a solution for you.

Dennis Becker is one of those guys I trust and he is starting what he calls a “Kindle Case
Study” where he will take you by the hand and lead you through the
process of taking a book, turning it into a best seller on Amazon,
and then further monetizing it beyond even that.

His goal is to make more from than one book than from 100 or more
of the books that the other courses show you how to make.

Can he succeed? It should be fun to watch, like reality TV.

Beyond the case study though, he’s including a bonus worth more
than the cost of the course, it’s the Self Publishing Tool Box,
which helps you get the formatting for you books just right.

Poor formatting can absolutely kill Kindle sales, don’t risk that.

If you’ve purchased some of the other Kindle courses, you know
that it isn’t difficult to produce books that can make on average
$20 a month each, but the problem is, Amazon doesn’t really like
those books.

Dennis will show you how to produce a book they do like, that
won’t be at risk of the next Amazon slap (there was one last
year when they took down most of the PLR books).

Sign up here –now this is important…(enter the code kindlevip into the gift certificate
field and click on validate to get the best current price, beforeĀ  signing up):

This could be the single most valuable course you’ve ever taken.

Dennis tells me that he’s cutting off signups after he reaches
his target number, but he’s not saying what that number is. He’s
also starting a WSO soon, so once that hits, the number could be
reached anytime.

So sign up now and don’t miss out.


P.S. Remember to use the gift certificate code of kindlevip and
click on validate before you make payment, in order to receive the
best current price.

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