I think we’d all agree that our health is at the top of our priority list!

In that case, I think you’ll enjoy the series of videos that David Wolfe has just released.

Health and Wealth go hand in hand. What I learned today from David showed me that I can easily and
effortlessly employ my passion for health to achieve greater prosperity – which further
empowers me to heal myself, heal the planet and heal those around me. And that goes for you

But I’m jumping ahead. The first video in the series may surprise you, especially if you know who
Frank Kern is. If you’re a big Frank Kern fan, like I am, you might enjoy watching Frank reveal a different side of his personality when he chats with David. Watch the Frank Kern/ David Wolfe video here!

I am finding recently that there are SO many truly educational and entertaining videos out there, where all kinds of experts are sharing all kinds of secrets, that I barely have time to watch them all.

But I’ll tell you one thing. Right now the craze is to give away a lot of great content, build rapport with your customer and THEN sell them something. Take advantage of the giveaways. This set of videos are well worth your time.

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  2. dorothea

    Hi Glinda,

    I’m here…How can I help? Dorothea

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