Many people are confused by all the different “rights” products on the market today.

So let me take a minute and give you a brief definition of the most popular ones, but make sure to read any license agreements that come with the products you order, because some authors may include different guidelines.

Private Label Rights give you the most flexibility with a product. When you buy a PLR product from someone, you’re allowed to edit and change the information as much as you like and put your own name on the product. This is one of the fastest ways to create a product. Simply buy a PLR product and change it to suit your needs.

If it’s a written product, you’ll generally get the Word .doc file, which allows you to easily edit and improve the content. If it’s an audio product, you’ll generally get the MP3 or WAV file and can add your own introduction and conclusion to promote yourself and your products.

Master Resale Rights allows you to resell the product and keep all the profit. These rights often allow you to offer the Master Resale Rights and Resale Rights to your customers. That allows your customers to follow in your footsteps and resell the product as well.

Resale Rights are the least flexible. If you own the Resale Rights to a product, you have the right to sell the product and keep the profit, but you can’t offer your customers the same rights. You have the rights to sell the product without making any changes to it and that’s it.

Owning rights to a product can be very profitable. If you have a choice, Private Label Rights are the best rights to buy. Owning the PLR for a product allows you to resell the product as is, create a new product almost instantly and then offer your customers any of the rights you choose.

You can start off with a set of high quality PLR products and develop a system so to plug in product after product to increase your profits.

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