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Well, this WSO, called Wicked Simple Cash, is very impressive, I must say. In this package Shawn gives you a REALLY easy, step by step method on how to pick a niche and make money with it. It’s NOT one of those long, drawn out, boring turorials with long videos which no one has the patience to watch (especially me). It’s NOT a loong ebook with lots of fluff and junk to wade thru. What it IS is a clear a simple method that anyone can use. It’s A to Z, clear and concise.

Shawn gives you an easy way to pick a niche and actually gives you 3 of his favorites. He then gives you EASY and I mean easy instructions how to install & configure your WordPress blog.

Even if you are a total non techie like me, you can follow it. He also gives you plugins that you need to have, and I’m embarrassed to say, I did not have them on my blogs. (I do now! lol). I also didn’t have my permalink structure set up correctly, but I easily fixed that too! Thanks Shawn!

He gives you the bare bone essentials on article writing and no, it’s not writing and submitting multiple articles a day, no spinning either, which I’m not really a fan of by the way, just an easy, simple formula.

And the formula for SEO that works.
This WSO has my highest recommendations.  I loved the format because you open the ebook, read a page, then he switches over to a 2 minute video which shows you exactly how to do what he’s doing. He also makes some outrageous guarantee about giving you $100 but you’ll have to read what he says yourself.  Just visit Wicked Simple Cash right here!

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Here’s the link again!

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