A Bold New Start: Sabato De Sarno Reshapes Gucci

A Bold New Start: Sabato De Sarno Reshapes Gucci


When Sabato De Sarno, a visionary and creative genius, took the reins as Gucci’s esteemed creative director, he was filled with excitement and anticipation. His burning desire was to showcase his groundbreaking vision on the vibrant streets of Milan, specifically in the artistically diverse Brera Quarter. His manifesto, a testament to the ‘joy of life’, aimed to celebrate the profound essence of passion, humanity, and real life experiences.

However, as fate would have it, nature intervened, leading to a last-minute relocation of the grand debut to a vast hall in Gucci’s out-of-town headquarters. This unexpected change of venue, although initially met with disappointment, turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as it allowed all eyes to be solely fixated on De Sarno’s revolutionary designs. The collection he presented transcended the realm of mere streetwear; it was an audacious reinvention of the legendary Guccio Gucci’s 102-year-old brand, breathing fresh life into its very core.

Celebrating Gucci’s Legacy: The Cosmos Exhibition

In a remarkable homage to its illustrious heritage, Gucci is proudly hosting a remarkable traveling exhibition aptly named “Gucci Cosmos.” After captivating audiences in various cities around the world, the exhibition now set to make its next stop in the vibrant city of London, with the grand opening scheduled for October. “Gucci Cosmos” beautifully explores the captivating transformation of Gucci from a revered luxury luggage maker to a modern-day luxury titan. And who better to author the next glorious chapter of this storied brand than the visionary himself, Sabato De Sarno? His inaugural show at Gucci hinted at the brand’s storied history, yet the resounding theme that echoed throughout was one of a fresh start, a bold leap into the future.

De Sarno’s Homage to the 60s: A Return to the Classics

Drawing inspiration from the iconic and transformative 1960s, Sabato De Sarno masterfully weaved together a tapestry of bespoke tailoring, featuring an exquisite array of polished wool coats, blazers, and short dresses. This deliberate nod to the pivotal era in Gucci’s evolution was nothing short of a stroke of genius. It was during this transformative decade that Gucci achieved global acclaim, symbolized by the iconic Gucci Hobo bag, which became synonymous with the timeless style of the iconic Jackie Kennedy. The 60s not only marked a significant milestone in Gucci’s journey but also represented a period of sexual liberation and boundless optimism.

Revisiting the Past: De Sarno’s Tribute

As a true testament to his profound respect for the past, Sabato De Sarno paid a heartfelt homage to the iconic era by revamping the legendary Gucci Hobo bag, seamlessly incorporating more 60s influences. These delicate and subtle touches frequently referenced the remarkable work of the legendary Tom Ford, further enriching the narrative of Gucci’s timeless allure. Alongside this enchanting tribute, De Sarno fearlessly played with Gucci’s iconic elements, such as the emblematic logo belts and the classic loafers with their distinctive thick platforms. To add a touch of contemporary flair, he introduced a patchworked python material and a captivating new house color, aptly named ‘ancora’, which translates to “still” and “again” in Italian. This adverb perfectly encapsulates the essence of Gucci under De Sarno’s visionary leadership – an exquisite amalgamation of continuity and innovation that pays homage to the brand’s glorious past while embracing the thrilling possibilities of the future.

Looking Forward: Gucci under De Sarno

In essence, Gucci by Sabato De Sarno is a masterstroke of artistry and creativity, deftly blending the timeless elegance of the past with the audacious vision of the future. His debut was not a mere rebranding; instead, it was a profound reevaluation of Gucci’s essence, a deliberate wiping clean of the slate to ensure that the brand’s identity and soul remain intact. This intelligent and strategic first move laid a solid foundation for De Sarno’s unique vision to thrive and flourish. As he continues to shape Gucci’s narrative, the fashion world eagerly awaits in anticipation, ready to witness the extraordinary ways in which he will make Gucci truly his own, solidifying its position as an unrivaled force in the ever-evolving world of fashion.